By @velo_steef: Gotta give props to this ride. Hot hot hot. #vw August 20, 2014 at 04:30PM


There are combos and then…….there are COMBOS! Super slick VW Camper.

Pretty flowers @veloclubwalcot #saturdayride

Tour de France, Vertical by David Gerstein

Bruce Doscher’s poster commemorating Tony Gallopin’s victory in stage 11 of the Tour de France.

Ritte - Mavic 125years
It’s the ‘Was He Pushed?’ footage from yesterday’s Summer CX at Odd Down. VC Walcot’s ‘El Presidente’ Pete Giddings (aka Blackbeard) takes a tumble over the Belgian Hurdles. But is that a smile on Doug Hall’s face as he glides past to take 3rd spot. 
It’s all too inconclusive but expect one of the Red Tops to have photoshopped some form of evidence plus a bite mark or two by tomorrow!
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